On Thee, I Gaze Upon Most Wondrous Eyes

On thee, I gaze upon most wondrous eyes,

In which my love erupts like heated sky.

At each glance my heart leaps and my soul dies,

From the burning pain of my eye's goodbye.

Deep as oceans and vigorous as youth,

Paragon of grace, harbor of the mind.

Telling lakes of lies and torrents of truth,

Never two stars have so intensely shined.

I know not the secrets that lie beyond.

Her soft and soulful spheres, those piercing pearls.

I wish to hunt what my heart holds so fond,

By crawling in, getting lost in the swirls.


She's the goddess of my fascination.

She’s the core of my fearful sensation.


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My community
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This poem is about my fear of expressing my feelings to the most beautiful, intellectually intricate, and stunningly sophisticated woman I have ever met. After much thought and much fear, I spoke up and we've been dating 7 months now.

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