Theater of My Mind


to the Theater of My Mind.
sit back and relax
but know participation is encouraged.
If you agree with what you see,
make your amen audible.
And if you find fault,
well, speak up still
truth be told,
I just need some direction.
this stage is often cluttered 
with far too many actors –
unfinished thoughts,
questions seeking answers.
Set pieces out of place,
props that go amiss,
still trying to find bliss.
Improper etiquette
and half-baked philosophy
like a miscued entrance
out of order chronologically.
Lighting and sound –
not your professional grade either,
I'm working on my soliloquy, though:
How to Become a Leader. 


My identity and purpose –
dancers in new roles –
choreography slightly unsychronized
yes, I know. But I've come to terms that this is not your Broadway top 10 yet,
and that's quite alright with me.
I'm content with the label "still learning,"
and oh, I wish I had the time to tell you how the acceptance of that fact
has set me free.
It is so much better 
than being hypnotized by the arrogance of pretentious flawlessness,
than boisterous obstinance
needing to claim perfection and originality 
when all you did was copy and paste from Sparknotes on Shakespeare.
Please recognize with me
how it is far greater
to admit we are all speechless and stupified
over the smallest and simplest things of all kinds
than to live in an awkard, dead silence
all because your lead actor is too proud to call out "line."

So don't be passive as you watch this play unfold,
I need as many directors as I can get.
Now I understand all of this might seem very unorganized,
and what you see might not be very stunning
but do try to be patient,
this production has only been 22 years in the running.



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