Thaw my Heart

Did frost bite me?

I feel nothing.

If I had a heart at all

it would be frozen cold.


My tears are falling,

yet I feel nothing.

If I had a soul at all

why do I feel so cold?


Keep away!

You do not know who I am.

Keep away!

You're too great to be my victim.


Be afraid!

Do not fall for how lost I am

Be afraid!

Or you shall be my victim.


Wait, something has changed.

I feel warm and strange.

Who are you that you shine?

Your are thawing my ice!


How you smile at me

through the danger I bring!

Leave me and my wild heart!

I will make you fall apart!



Keep away!

It is better for the both of us.

Oh, please stay!

Am I fool to ask? Is it just?


Be afraid!

I'm falling for your warmth.

Please be brave!

Could you thaw my frozen heart?

-Angela R. Williams







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