Mon, 05/06/2013 - 11:19 -- D.J.P


United States
36° 8' 20.4612" N, 86° 47' 48.9264" W

Encircled by an icy perfection
desiring spring to rise and thaw
yearning strictly buckled down
our passions mustn’t gain control

Film on vision, tape on cue.
Smiling public image stroking
hands empty expression nil-
nervous chatter broken, still.

All the symmetry
must end soon,
Life is short
and time is doomed.

Feeling new,
real odd askew
with paint
on toes
and tips of tongue

I splutter, splatter;
spitting stupidly, my lips
driving, pouring, waiting,
while creation shocking
breathes in seeming mockery,
indignant of my petty
distasteful lack of grace
in sad clumsy motion,
replace robotic tension
tuned of metal carbon
remnants slipping.

Nuts sliding,
clicking, placed
as gears a-turn
in complex
patterns paired.

Dissimilar still,
it brings its end
though infant sweet,
its death so sure.

Mind on matter, soul on high:
blissful pure serene crying;
smooth skin weeps orange;
glowing glassy citrus bells.

Completion by weird cycled spin,
fulfilled of now, but yet remain
in motion churning beauty’s hearth,
as one until death can us part?


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