That's Where I'll Find It

The beauty of life is 

all rooted in its simplicity, 

much like the way the spider web

interlaces itself so cleverly around 

the branches and 

how the dew-drenched leaves

give dance to a ray of light. 

Life's allure is baked in the sun 

where the grass hits the tree and 

it rises with the words of the bird's song. 

It is rolled through the oceans, where you 

might find my feet, and is painted 

through the footsteps in the sand. 

You'll find it coated through his laugh, 

where joy becomes our common language 

and time is only a figment of our imagination. 

It glows from the evening where I tanned in

summer bliss, after dozing in solace under a palm. 

It will wrinkle my hands and give me scars 

to show me that I have lived, and it will be 

in every part of every thing that has ever reached me. 

And when the harmony of spring arrives, that's where I'll find it.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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