That's Not Love

She cries most times, over his selfish crimes.

Black eyes, bruised thighs.

Wonders what she did to deserve it.

Taking his emotion out with every hit.

Hate filled texts when he's away.

It' a never ending, dangerous game she plays.

Pushed to far,

Hazardous self-harm.

But that's just her story,

This happens in more than one category.

He'd do anything for her,

Wants things back to what they first were.

She uses,


Gives her anything she could dream,

No matter what, she's still so mean.

Hits him across the face,

Threatens he'll be replaced.

The moral is,

No love is worth this.

There's a specia someone,

For everyone.

Time will tell,

And be worth all the times you failed.

Just learn to let go,

Young or old.

There's help for all,

YOU have to make the call.

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