thats it youre done.

here i go another day like nothings wrong

gotta keep my head up pretend to stay strong

cause if they find out what ive felt all along

thats it youre done.

when suddenly the people you called your friend

are trying to see just how far you can bend

before you start to break and then its the end

thats it youre done.

and you try to tell them dont you see the scars

running up and down these pale and mottled arms

and the tears fall and you cry out to the stars

thats it youre done.

i wanna go home and just lie in my bed

try and stop the voices running through my head

that say im nothing im just as good as dead

thats it youre done.

when will it end all the hurt and all the pain

the fake smiles the voices dripping with disdain

and the ones that say oh you just cant complain

thats it youre done.

dont be like them the ones that will betrya

and dont be the best friend for only a day

and i hope someday that you can come to say

thats it im done.



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