thanksgiving (though it was awkward)


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get a phone call from puerto rico
didn't recognize the number so hoping it wasn't a female using a cell phone from a boyfriend name chico
it was my father. we didn't speak other than the usual dialogue of hi, how are you, what you up to and talk to you some time
thankfully my phone plan included long distant calls, every minute will cost a whole lot more than a dime
there was no grudge. there was no hostility. there was no animosity
i knew that my connection with immediate family is gone
even before the call, all the drama, i stated that it's done
i moved on gracefully with life reminding myself i am number one

at thanksgiving night, meal looked more authentic than reebok football jerseys
foods looked like a display one can see in a tv cooking channel
nobody didn't have to grab a mic and talk to people on stage in a panel
we all just got together and celebrate this beautiful holiday
before we ate, we all said grace
when i spoke , just wanted to voice out my prayers with a cool pace
my words were heartfelt. i stated how i lost my immediate family, but was embrace by another
it's not the family that i was crown like a member of a latin king
it's the family that welcomed me with open arms the same way a mother hugs her child because she can sing
i thank my girl. i thank you baby
that was a moment that brought joy to eyes
although there is no perfection to any family, at least they are straight forward who don't tell lies

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