Thanks For Nothing


United States

At the age of 3, her world was shattered.

Just why would a father leave so early?

Why would he quit already?

Well, maybe he had his reasons.

But just what could be enough to make him leave?


Why are the ones that are meant to love us most

simply give up and walk away


Why is it that he expects so much

from a child he neglected and failed to provide for?

Why is it that my own father claims that I don't love him?

How am I supposed to love a father I know nothing about?

Why are his standards of my feelings and emotions

well above and beyond what he's given?


I'm tired of trying to have you in my life just to see you walk away.

I'm tired of feeling blue because of you.

I'm tired of hearing "you should be a better you".

I'm tired of being trapped in my own mind.

I'm tired of being left behind. 

I'm just tired...


There's no use to my words

Cause whe I try to let them out the darkness strangles me and says

"know your place"


It's because of his neglect and lack of attendance 

that I grew up too fast.

It's because he wasn't there

that I sat in a corner everyday wondering why I was so different.

Why I was unwated...


To my sperm donor,

I thank you for creating me

and for establishing my foundation of abandonment issues.

Shout out to you,

you should've stuck around,

I believe I was worth it.


This poem is about: 
My family
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