Thanks Mom and Dad


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My parents always said they wanted better for me than they had
But really I'm beyond grateful to have a mom and a dad
They are very far from perfect, but the bumps in the road formed me
They raised me, they made me, they support all of my dreams
My dad's creativity is stored inside me to use on my own
My mom's kind heart placed in me as I've grown
Mom's love of everyone, dad's love of music and poetry
All of the best of them makes up who I strive to be
I'll do anything to make them proud, they deserve a lot out of me
I hope they look at me later and smile at what I've achieved
They've made many mistakes from which I'm glad to learn
They've given me everything, none of which I deserved
My dad always put his little girls first, as I someday hope to do with mine
Mom always has a smile on her face, I'd be blessed to be so kind
Together they both showed me, things will always work out in the end
They proved it over and over, being parents while they were still kids
They conquered many obstacles, they climbed many mountains high
Although they didnt stay together, you can bet they tried
I hope I can be half of the parents they have been to me
They make me laugh, comfort my cries and sometimes let me be
They instilled so many life lessons that I will always live by
Be yourself, who cares what anyone says and follow your dreams to fly
I'm grateful for every single moment spent with them both
They have no idea but those little things, have truly meant the most


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

your parents are the heart and soul in your life

this poem demonstrates appreciation to their commitment and love to make sure you succeed

enjoy the poem

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