Thanks Lil Sis

I’m not trying to change for you,but I’m trying to change for the better.

 cause I used to look back at my sis and I hated to upset her. 

I know she felt it when she saw take my fall. 

She used to sit up on my bed and hug me tight as I bawled. 

And on those rough nights she used to tell me sis stay calm. 

She used to tell me I’d be okay I’m tatting those words on my palm. 


I was supposed to be the big sis. I was more of the bad sis. 

That why I every time I stepped up to bat it was a solid miss. 


I wish back then that i could have been different. 

I wish back then the old me had never existed. 

Cause she wanted me to change but I wouldn’t I insisted. 

To stay stuck in my way so when help came I missed it. 

Im sorry I wasn’t right never knew how to follow my instincts. 


Blood is blood i got that and I’ll never forget it. 

And nothing will come between us I swear I won’t let it. 

We can chase the money together come on let’s get it. 

We’re going to make it to the top if said it I meant it. 


Now I got mad love for you and that’s never going to change. 

Im sorry back then that on your sunny days I brought you rain. 

Can we put our past in the past and let it go down that drain. 

And I’ll spend the rest of my life trying to wound up all of your pain.

It’s time I grew up cause who I used to be I was hella lame.

 Cause without you by side what else do I have to gain.

Ill cross hell for you and back and and fight any who disrespects your name.

Cause we’re connected linked together  stuck metal chains.

I’m sorry back then I was living through different frames.

But I’m changing for the better I promise I won’t ever be the same.

This poem is about: 
My family


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