Thanks to Him

The thing I cannot live without
Is Him whom I can never doubt.
So even though men think it odd,
I'll praise the name of my great God.

I've only lived for twenty years,
But in that time I've had my fears-
I've had my trials, I've had strife,
Yet God has blessed my entire life.

I owe a debt I cannot pay,
Because God saves me every day,
But that's a debt He will forgive,
So, thanks to Him, I freely live.

He's been my guide through storm and blue,
He's kept my rudder sailing true.
With Him I know I'll reach the end,
And rest with Him, my faithful Friend.

So, I can't live without His grace,
That ever shines from His dear face.
But, better yet, the voice within
Says "thanks to Him, I'll live again."

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