Thanks for everything

My generation isn't like yours, 

you aren't picking up the pennies cried by superiors:

                                        just to eat. just to sleep. just to live.

though you do still come home drunk nightly

just like a high school kid who's spent too much time in school, 

                not that money was ever for me, but for you.

                             But I'll work the minimum wage,

supporting myself until I can write a check to pay for everything

                                     you should have been for eighteen years. 

     I still die every night when I go to bed and cry in the arms of countless girls because I needed someone to pretend that maybe I was important to someone. 

                        and pretend they did. 

Its hard to live like a charity case, collecting money and affection instead parental place,

          and just-like-that. childhood is gone.

   But the government won't allow me to vote in an election that doesnt matter because I'm too young but I have to decide what I want to do for the rest of my life at seventeen? 

That doesn't seem too fair at all. 




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