thankful for....

Fri, 09/01/2017 - 07:51 -- im-tae



for being thankfull 

too be able too say thank you when no-one would thank you im thankfull that my mother left me in a cold house broken and alone so that i rondae wells could show how much ive grown im nearly a man now so ive done it mostly on my own ohh did i meantion i was in that house alone no food no water just a cold and crispy breeze i thought i would hate her but all i can say is that im thankfull for what u do yes u left me for drugs and such but i still thank that too because now im the man i want too be soon to be famous too i have 4 diffrent tours too choose from would you like too come and see them soon im so thankfull for being thankfull cause now i can see my future bloom.....

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My family
Our world
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