Thank You, A poem to my parents


Pembroke Pines, FL
2430 Nw 102 Terrace
United States
25° 52' 2.7228" N, 80° 14' 20.9436" W

Sweet gentle arrival as if delivered by a Stork,

My options are unlimited, I'm free to explore.

I know what you do, I see your sacrifice,

You think its not enough. Nothing will suffice.

Everyday is a mission, a barrier like no other,

I'm thankful to have you, to call you my mother.


A superhero undercover,

You save my life each day.

My love for you is a love like no other.

I know it's hard, I see it in your eyes,

We're growing older, it's crazy how time flies.

Some days are tougher,

You stress and you suffer,

But still it's all worth it, 

Our conversation at supper.


My success is your priority.

You show no greed, how can I think only of me?

It's all about my future.

Do you forget? Your present is my nurture.


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