Thank you oh soldier!!

I sleep comfortably at my home,
while you stand alert at the border all night.
I weep in the comfort my loved ones,
while you long for hearing the voice of your family.
I complain of hot and cold whether ,
while you stay in extreme conditions, weather Siachen or Rajasthan.
I even refuse to help my needy brother,
while you all brothers in arms defend the realm of Hindustan.
I hate walking and always prefer some vehicle to travel,
while you trek kilometers together with no bar!
Dear god!! Give me riches I pray,
while you dedicate your life in following an order.
Oh my god!! What a tasty burger I say,
while you forget hunger for the sake of your mission today.
You don't have the natural powers,you don't have the wings,
but you have the sake to save your country.
Thank uh oh soldier!!!!
This feeling of safety that we enjoy,
is because of the hardships you bear.
Oh soldiers!! We salute are the actual heroes of Hindustan...

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My country
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