A Thank-You To My Mother

Wed, 01/17/2018 - 05:27 -- kimpena

Dear Mom,

Even though I am not as affectionate and comfortable with showing love, it does not mean I don't love you. It is the total opposite of that and the fact that you have the feeling is just terrible! I feel absolutely awful for making you feel this way because you don't deserve it. The awkwardness that comes whenever we hug or talk about a sensitive topic always manages to find it's way back to me at sudden times. But no matter what, you still continue on being the caring mom I know. You understand that my emotions and feelings are all over the place all the time and you still put up with them. And for that I thank you.


You've told me your stories about having a rough childhood that when compared to my life, they are completely different. You've worked completely hard to keep my life as easy and fun as you wanted it to be when you were younger. And for that I thank you.


Whenever we argue, you (almost) never yell which is quite strange since I always start them. You remain calm and never interrupt me whenever I explain my side of an argument. You've stayed strong through all the harsh words that are exchanged, and it's almost as if they have no effect on you. You stay grounded in what you believe in and you never back down, but also never step out of line when it comes to debates. You've influenced me to remain mature when it comes to arguments. And for that I thank you.


I'm alive and well because of you and now I'm a senior in high school! Despite you having a very small opportunity with school, you worked hard to get me where I am today. I am so close to graduating and becoming an adult, but you still push me to keep moving forward. I'm not a little girl who needs to be taken care of anymore, but that doesn't matter to you. Even when I'll be in my later years in life I bet you'll still be helping me with anything. You've raised me into becoming this responsible and kind girl that I didn't believe would grow up. And for that I thank you.


You've supported me throughout all of my toughest decisions, even if I chose the wrong ones. You've taught me life lessons without any anger or disappointment. You help me with everything all the time such as like making my lunch when I'm running late or washing some clothes late a night because I'm so behind on homework that I don't have the time. Work is incredibly heavy for you, but you don't care and you keep helping everyone else. Your support and love are what keeps me going forward into a successful life. And for that I thank you.


Now, I could keep rambling on about the things you do to help for the better, but it's enough to finally let me see who the true person you are: a mother. All mothers are different and everyone has their own different opinions on them just like I do. But like any other person, I really do appreciate what you've done for me. I hope to be just like you, a loving mother who works very hard for what they believe in. You are my true inspiration, my caring mother, the woman who's helped me the most all my life.


And for that, for everything, I thank you.


With All The Love,

Your Daughter Kimberly P.




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