Thank You Mommy and Daddy

This poem is about: 
My family



Mommy, Daddy

The names of the first people that raise you in life

The names of the people that influence you

The names of the people that made me who I am today



A man of strength

A former member of the U.S. Air Force

A highly respected man

A man who continuously provides for his family before himself

A selfless man

The man who came to every father, daughter luncheon

The man who taught me the importance of education

The man who took on the role of raising three girls like a pro

The man who protected me from the dangers of the world

Thank you for always being there and never leaving

Thank you for showing me what it means to maintain strength even in the midst of a storm

Thank you for instilling morals and values in me

If I could repay it all to you, I would



A woman of faith

An elementary school teacher

A woman who changes lives in hundreds of students every year

The woman who taught me self-love

The woman who always prayed for me

The woman who was always a shoulder to cry on

The woman who always listened and gave me advice

Thank you for all your encouragement

Thank you for being an example for every young woman

Thank you for being there through every heartache

Thank you for your patience and strength

Thank you for loving me even in times when it feels like the whole world is against me

And if I could give you the whole world, I would


Mommy, Daddy

Thank you for making me the strongest young woman I can be

For teaching me to get back up even when life knocks you down

For the tough love

And for the endless lessons, hugs, and for not only loving me to the moon and back but loving me to the moon and beyond, even during times where I was unlovable

You both are more than just my parents, you guys are my heroes, my mentors, and my best friends

I owe it all to you guys

I love you



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