Thank you for loving me

Fri, 11/03/2017 - 19:28 -- Nahylap

Because I love you, my stems have begun to grow from the roots of your heart.
My romance for you has fluctuated, leaving you dumb-founded,
I exulted in distance and animosity,
Though you have brought me closer to the sweet innocence of endearment,
with your pestering infatuated worship of my hostility.
You are my passion
Because you love me, I believe you taught me well that feelings are to be felt and no feeling comes before the true yearning of the soul.
A soul who completes a soul like a broken puzzle,
Because squandering time for a perfect fit will leave me in bones, buried under the dancing grass.
You make me feel at home.
You’re serenity to my mind.
I know though, because you love me, you stay alongside me,
A call away,
An outstretch away,
A breath away,
An atom away,
You're always in my way,
You are the roof I've laid under
I'll stay under,
Regardless if your hands don't fit mine because I love you,
We're not a perfect puzzle, remember?
Your heart is bigger than my mind,
That's something my intelligence will never make up for.
I envy you sometimes, but we are one and I give myself to you.
They say those who claim to have fallen in love twice have never fallen at all,
It's a unique opportunity,
An ordinary term, but an adventure of a lifetime,
And I have my existence intertwined in yours.
Because I love you, I have broken free from hate, so I thank you.


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