thank you depression

thank you for getting frustrated
thank you for calling
thank you for pissing me off
because that gave me something else to feel that day
thank you for feeding me
thank you for needing me
because that reminded me of why I wanted to stay that day
I thank me for crying
I thank me for wanting to feel like dying
because that kept me wanting to help others
because I can say that I felt that way too
because I get to say that it doesn't always get better when you want it to
because I get to say its not easy
because If I know that its you, that's listening, you that's needing this
must know that its an obstacle that you'll be proud to defeat.
sometimes its an everyday battle, other times it was a year ago issue.
I want you know that its okay to be scared of it happening again like I am.
But the me today is taking advantage of this sky high by being there
and you can do it too.
So that maybe ,just possibly someone will be thanking you.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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