Thank You For the Dance

Sun, 04/03/2016 - 19:45 -- casile9

What would I do without you

Your horrid pitch, Your two left feet

But every note and every step is you.

No matter what you were there to dance

Your song so sharp it broke Manhattan

Your dance choppy it could chop a cherry

But even at my worst you were my partner.

The tears, the bruise, the noose around my neck

You picked me up for one more dance.

No judgement or fear you sorry pitch was always there

A smile, a hug, you took care of me

You made me eat, you kept my secrets

You made me live my greatest life

But it had to end, the roles had to switch,

I had to lead our final duet

The shakes and tremors took you hands

But that off key pitch was always there.

You forgot your partner and how we sang

But I picked up for one more dance

To carry you to where you kept me from

One last final lift,

But even now you still dance with me

I find safety with your off key songs

And stay grounded from your lead feet.

The pictures, the videos, the DVDs

Keep me holding on through the traumatic memories

Rest if you must but do not quit

Our dance must go on we haven't finished yet

I'm practicing for you until our next meet

But without our dance I have no need to go on

Without our song there is no hope

So without you what do I have

You're all I've ever needed.

But for now until I see your smile greeting me on our biggest stage

I'll hold my head high and always stay perfectly off key.


This poem is about: 
My family


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