Thank You Brandon Flowers

Thu, 03/27/2014 - 18:18 -- Cole49

Thank You Brandon Flowers


Some people say

You’ve gotta play it tough

Others will tell you

The money’s enough

The moves have to be right

The clothing has to be skin tight

And any word you say

Can’t be true to life

I guess for some people

It’s not about music at all

They believe it’s all in the look

But there are a few

Who know how to do it right

I’m saying this sincerely to you

Thank you Brandon Flowers


Don’t you dare write about love

It’s all about drugs and sex

Kids don’t want to hear guitars

Don’t you know what’s cool?

It’s all in the computers

They’ll tell you what to do

Get your mind on the hooks

Keep your feelings off the books

They’ll only spare a look

If you’re just around the corner

Oh and one more thing before I go

It’s top dollar for every show


But he can’t be bought

He doesn’t throw it all away

He doesn’t care if he gets caught

He has already anyway

And all I have to say is well…

Thank you Brandon Flowers


No love

No mercy

No deep dark thoughts

No opinions

No standings

Unless you want to be fought

No fun

No laughter

No sisters

No wives

No son

No clatter

No misters

No cries


Music doesn’t move people

The way it used to

The songs are half-hearted

And the singers aren’t true

But there are some who still believe

In the music we once knew

In the pain and the gain

That shamelessly came through


Some people are born with it

It’s a gift and a talent

They’ve fallen straight off the silver screen

They know music when others are numb

There songs inspire us for years to come

And maybe if we listen

We can get back to that place

Where music was written

And meant as a saving grace

Now I’m going to say this

But only once

Brandon Flowers we love you

And thank you so much


P.S. And we send our thanks to Jake Bugg

       Who was just recently discovered

       After this was written


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