Thank you for being part of my life

Sun, 09/08/2019 - 03:17 -- shishi



It will always be a remembrance!

Never to be forgotten ,

Days which haunt me every now and then,

Thinking of you .

How we met each other?

How we became friends to lovers?

Our first date,

Our first kiss,

Our first hang out.

Jusr everything, every step i did along with you.

Miraculous how we became so close!

Holding our feelings with the best intent.

Revealing our do's'

Never give up on each others;

though we fight and quarell a lot.

Sometimes so frisky and frustrating,

Sometimes yelling and tries,

But, always together.

I really love the way you act so grumpy and insane 

Passing this september i would like to;

Thank you for all the sweet moments,

Thank you for all the happy moments,

Thank you forr being with me,

Thank you for being at my back ,

Thank you for all you did ,

With best intent and forever promises ;

I would love to thank you for being part of my life.

Though ups and downs come 

though doubts and misunderstandings,

Won't ever leave you, will love you always

stay together always.

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