Thank You, and only You

      There are no words to accuratly describe what I cannot live without, no fancy

phrases, or clever expressions, I believe that actions speck louder than words, 

and the One I cannot live without is the very man who made me, who took the 

time out of his very busy schedule to concieve the very thought of me. God, the

name that many will write of as just a "myth" or "false", but I'm no fool,

how could someone who has been with me through thick and thin be written of so 

easily by so many. God was there when my family slowly tore itself apart, He

was there when I was put out on the street, not having the slightest clue as to

where my life was heading, He was there when those closest to me turned their

backs to me, and He certainly was there when I literally had nothing left. God gave

me the will to pursue my ambition, where some people may have ambitions to be

an athlete, a soldier, or even President, yet my ambition is to create a family that 

has everything I did not. He has done so much and then some. God is not only my

provider, he's my protector, my healer, my father and mother, my deliver, He is 

the one person I cannot live without. 





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