"Thank you."


Look at all of us, standing in a line, aren't we so wise?

Pushing dimes and nickles and crying tears out of our eyes

We have no choice.

We just can't fly when you bastards keep pulling out every feather

And that's why we live life drifting in such dark and stormy weather

We are broke.

We can't cope with living under all of the pressure

And you stare at us because you think that we'll become your successor

And it hurts.

You set out a road for me, but I can't even pay the toll

I know I'm a big kid now, but my money doesn't come in a roll

It's not our fault.

This brave new world was made by you

And every one of those roads were paved by you

You were wrong.

You are the one who will get hurt from all of this

We are your future, stop tossing us into the abyss

We're on our own.

Minimum wage can't even begin to pay for our college

So thanks for nothing to everyone who ended up stunting our knowlege

Thank you.




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