Thank You


Take my kindness as a weakness,
my caring soul as the death of me,
and my love of life as my worst enemy.

Take my interest in the well-being of others
as eternal damnation
and watch me smile and wave you away.
To be unable to hate even those
who have broken me down
and torn me to pieces...

To be able to forgive someone so easily
No matter how many times that same person
has lied or hurt me....

My kind and caring heart
may be my weakness
But it's the part that makes me who I am.

I am forgiving, and will give multiple chances
I will risk my sanity for the happiness of others,
I will pull the suicidal from the gun,
just to ensure another does not follow my friend.

I will put all others before myself,
and ensure my loved ones are taken care of,
before my well-being is considered even for a moment.

So consider my kindness to be my weakness,
my caring soul to be my death sentence,
and my love of life as my mortal enemy....
And I'll smile and wave you off
and thank you for noticing beautiful me.




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