Thank You


My entire life I fought a war;
The struggle of weight and a healthy core.
The kids were always as harsh as could be;
They never understood what it was like to be me.

I fought obesity and depression for many years.
How the public viewed me was one of my biggest fears.
"Fat" and "ugly" were words I heard often.
I always would wish that the blows to the ego would soften.

So now all I want to do is to say a big "thank you!"
For giving me a strength that I never knew.
Thanks to the bullies and friends all the same.
But my mother and boyfriend are the main igniters of this flame.

I've given myself a chance to have a normal life.
I lost all the weight through dedication and strife.
But I also lost the sadness that used to plague my heart,
And gave myself a chance to have a brand new start.


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