Thank You

Thank you.

Just those two words will never be enough

But there are not enough words in the world to express how indebted I am to you all.

Thank you for being my champion

Thank you for being my guide

Thank you.

Those words that slip out and are barely a whisper

Especially on the days when you silently remind me that I want to be just like you when I grow up.

Specifically on the days where there were tears streaming down my face and you wiped them away.

And most importantly when I never knew you but you still said the right thing at the right time and my faith in humanity was restored.

I could scream that from the mountain tops

On the days when I felt brave like you

When I finally found out that I could be a champion too

It was all because of you

Thank you,

For guiding me this whole time

For helping me find my passions

Melodies I could compose and break into whenever I wanted to because you said so

Notation I couldn’t understand

History that I never contemplated before

Emotion that I could convey with just my voice

That’s when you taught me I was an instrument


It’s not part of the job description

Yet, you took me in like your own because my own family turned their backs on me years ago  

You were NOT absent in physical presence

You were present even in physical absence

You gave me words of love, compassion, and wisdom that I will always remember

You gave me a second home in the least likely of places

You provide a space where I don’t have to hide any part of who I am.


Because of you

I want to do it to

And not just teach

I want to be everything you were to me even though that seems impossible

More than teaching I want to keep the promise you made to me

I want to make them too

Beautiful promises of a future

No matter where I go I know you’ll always be there

You, a home I can return to

Thank you

Because no matter where I am you always come  to mind

Thank you,

I am an instrument and you taught me to be LOUD and USE my voice

So I do just that

I learned to never be silent in the presence of injustice

I learned that sometimes it’s okay to be selfish

I learned to stay silent when a battle was not worth my energy

I learned to go for it even in self-doubt

I learned to love

I learned to express

I learned to dance it out, sing it out, and cry it out whatever it took as long as I got back up because without these experiences there would be nothing to learn

I would have stuck to a mediocre path

With mediocre results at best.

So I strive for academic excellence

If I can do it with you I can do it anywhere

I have gained the courage to speak

Something I wasn’t very experienced at

But I became a “wordsmith”

My words opened doors

You helped me open them too with the kind words you described me with; the people I needed to impress were satisfied

Thank you

Because you made me care

This life was never supposed to go like this

I was only a statistic

I was falling into it

I was disappearing

Until you brought permanent color and vibrancy that can never disappear

Thank you

Now I know what I need to do with my life

I need to further my education

Because I am no statistic

I need to teach everyone what you taught me

Not just with a pen and paper

But with that same passion that is so contagious

That liveliness even when the world is crumbling

That sincerity of no secrets because everything needs to be learned

Thank you all.

I’ll never say it enough

One day I pray I can repay you

So I’ll work with all the energy that’s left

With all the life I am granted

Please know

That in past present and future

Whoever you are that has decided to be a mentor to me  

I am forever thankful to you.

- Mariel Reyes

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