Thank You

As sitting alone lets me silently ponder,

Only does one such I start to wonder

What might have been, or what could still be…

Neither’s the answer to what I should see.

Remember a time when I could see future

Unfolding and molding and holding me fewer

Until I broke, shattered, fragmented the floor-

Shards scattered around, never reaching your door.

My splinters to you I never would send

For piece upon piece you would reach worthless end.

The point immaterial, the reason escaped

Amounting to puddles drained into a lake.

Yet, again as I muse through unseen recollections

I believe aimed intentions are higher expected

From one so hopeless and faith-lost as I;

So single-minded, diminished, and unsatisfied

With what I have lost yet still gained in the fight.

I now know that someone can keep me a flight,

I understand how to use light feathered wings

To seize, hold, and cradle the light inside things.

I know how to breathe music from air into wind,

Conjuring tenderness, affection’s sweet sin.

I know how to twinkle, or look for an eye

That holds this such promise for which I would die.

I know that creation is simply a thought

Grown into a forest of magic forgot.

I believe that with time, soon windows will tell

The story for which I am wishing to yell.

I know that someday, all good comes to an end

So miraculous things can unfold and begin.

Through windows a new light will shine down with splendor

From towering heights of a new hired mender.

So as recent day has long come to pass,

I thank you, kind sir, for shaping stained glass.

Thank you for breaking all barriers down

And ruining chances of my soaking my gown

With more wasted tears on those who don’t know

What it is to have lost and mock those who don’t show.

Thank you for showing me how to be kind,

To love and let love be an item that blinds

But only a second as truth seeps through cracks

Of the lies told that resolve, safe from attacks.

Thank you for being a trial in moonlight

A test to the testament of forgiving my spite.

Thank you for knowing the ways to release

The sympathetic, compassionate side of my beast.

Of all, thank you for teaching me, giving me clues

To find another to teach who is new. 



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