Thank God for My Crush

September 4,2017 my life was changed

I met someone special that the feeling I had for everybody else was estranged

I was walking in the lecture room and I saw her in the corner

books and pencils in front of her on the desk and in her right hand was a bottle of water

She looked so gorgeous I had to know what her voice sounded like

lyrics upon lyrics rushed through my mind so yes it was my time to strike

did I mention it was the first day of class?

I got so nervous I asked for notes only to look like an ass

what the hell did I say? I didn’t even tell her bye, I just scattered

I wasn't  the type of guy to ask for notes or read notes for that matter

so there I was at home for a week practicing how I was going to introduce myself again

and what I came up with was “Hey beautiful, you are looking so bright that you are my sunshine even when it rains

next Monday morning September 11, I walked boldly to her ready to spit my line and the only thing came out of my mouth was “hi”.

I tried to move my lips so words could come out but I froze then I heard her saying “bye”

What the hell was wrong with me I asked myself

did I really need to look for “how to talk girls” on my bookshelf?

I preached sermons at my church, gave speeches at my school

and I could not say a sentence to my crush without looking like a fool

so again on September 12, I was walking to her once more

this time it was after class, she saw me coming towards her and she dashed through the door

so I gave up, maybe she isn't for me

and if she was then as Bebe Rexha said If it's meant to be, it'll be, it'll be
Baby, just let it be.

Now this where things turned for the ideal

And because of this miracle I know that God is real

September 24 at church I prayed a short prayer

the feeling of love I had inside was gashing up like fire

I know I’ve lusted and I'm truly sorry

but if you give me this one thing I will never ask you for anything again and it was to give me her to marry

I don't want to be like Solomon with 700 wives and 300 concubines

I just want 1 and please to make her mine


September 25 during class she came to me asking for the notes she missed on Friday.

I quickly turned the pages gave it to her so she could take pics. That was literally my best ever Monday.

She said thanks I said you’re welcome

we got a conversation going and I no longer felt like I came from the rectum

October 12 was our first date, October 15 was our first but it was on the jaw

Who cares?, it still counts. I don’t recall there being any kissing law.

We became an official couple two weeks later

and even up to this day I thank God for granting me this favour.

I could mention more important dates but this poem wouldn't end

Because our love grows stronger with each day we spend

This is real life but it seems like I’m living a fairy-tale

our love for each other keeps growing and never gets frail.

Now all I see is us living happily ever after

with joy, kisses, passion and laughter

This poem is about: 
Our world


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