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The first day we met
When I first saw you
Standing by yourself
The only one in my view.

Something so big, bright, and beautiful
Is that wonderful smile
You should know
It’s far better than the “Lily of the Nile”.

Back in Vietnam
You weren’t friendly
But now, whether sad or bad
You smile constantly.

You are in House 3
Law And Social Justice
I also know your birthday
It’s in the month of Augustus.

I know that you’re a junior
With nearly straight A’s
It doesn’t matter
Cause you shine night til’ day.

You love to listen to music
Your favorite being KPOP
You said it yourself
You listen to it nonstop.

You only spoke of two
Girls Generation
And Big Bang
But hey, that’s what makes you Asian.

You’re Vietnamese
And you’re name is Thien-y
It’s your personality
That goes with the song “Eenie Meenie”.

“It’s hard to describe it”
“The feeling of walking under the rain”
You’ve been through it
It washed away your sorrow and pain.

When you were young
You said you were quiet
And actions spoke louder,
Louder than any riot.

You love to argue
But only for fun
It went on for hours
You were the person who won.

You said you’re short
You said you were five foot three
But did you know
That was the perfect height of thee?

You love to play tennis
You were even on the team
This was an awesome decision
For your life lesson’s theme.

I know your favorite colors
From black, white, green blue
Sometimes orange, purple, and yellow
That’s just what makes up you.

I know many things about you
Yet still so much to learn
That is why
You are my big concern.

I will protect you
And hold you tight
I will not run away
Because you’re my Kryptonite.

My days are dark
Without any light
But when I’m with you
My life turns bright.

You were there to listen
When no one else would
You would cheer me up
When no one else could.

Whenever I was scared,
You'd chase away my fears
Whenever I would cry,
You'd wipe away my tears.

I can always count on you
To help me smile again
I've come to count on you
Because you'll be there in the end.

So I want to say thanks
For always being there
And for saving me
From my own despair.

My feelings for you
Never went away
I love you
With each and every day.

And one final thing,
Here in this part
I love you
With every piece of my heart.


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