The Text That Killed Her


She didn’t even see it coming,

The car attempted to slam on its brake,

Unfortunately it was too late to start running,

Her life, the car was determined to take.


The driver was going too fast,

Didn’t bother to look up from his text.

He didn’t think that what he read last

Would determine this woman’s last step.


She had a daughter named Rachel

She had a son named Daniel

Her husband she would leaving grief and sorrow,

Waiting for the challenges of every tomorrow


The driver had no intention

Of what happened there tat day.

B in order o start a prevention,

Keep every cell phone away.


You don’t want to end up

Like that man and the woman

The next time you look down,

Could be someone’s death summon.


But just in case remember

It was the text that killed her.


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