texas,don.,g,nutt59,poem.tha,don,tha don the power the life the cars the star the hoods the creep tires burning rubber heat sound gunplay bulletts explode the richochet boom sound of the mausberg 12.gauge the pump shotgun street sweep the sound the screams the yells the tears the shouts the siren the scene the charge the murder the homocide tha don tha million dollar cash flow the strippers the naked echo sound of a mans pants zipper a hookers busted upper lipper the pimp that kicked an just hit her tha don the life the fame the shine the glory the don another masters tell of a great bigg story tha don tha boss tha don the lead the people the kids the children the church the catholic the preist tha don the one whos life simply rest in peace eyes closed gone dead center front forgotten.poem tha don.8-1-2019

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Our world
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