texas,don.g.nutt,59.poem,srictly me,

ltexas,don.g.nutt,59,poem,strictly me you know the crip gangsta swagg it be me drapped up dripped up all colors of blue strictly me it gots to be the bad boy known from street to street as i mobb i deep you wanna trip feel this now feel me find me in this goddern streets strictly me strapped from head to toe however it goes sitting all ways strictly me strappedfor the rapp big capping hands slapping comeing down comeing threw strictly me reaping my block three stepping no h,town bodyrock this the gangsta boogie watch myb legs then my feet three tray stepping with a gigg splitting wiggs billy bad ass that kidd they say the hammer on cock,im. ready im reloaded texas southern south east texas strictly me .8-9-2019

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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