texas.don.g.nutt59,my lady

texas.don.g.nutt59,poem my lady.lady you are you is from the way you is the special typa woman of a mans life pull you close stand right next to me look you in your eyes theres no reason to cry to have fears your my lady your man is so close an so near to you how any other could choose to be you over the typa guy i am my lady smells so good from the hoods the streets im so exactly just you an me take your time hold yourself up to an for the man i choose you to be an its simply an so much me take your time hold your breath then breath the beauty you are is only a man of me my lady from sunrise to sundown im the one to be how could you not trust the dream of martin luther king its me dont you even see blink a eye hold your head up back an high im the specially typa guy my lady this destiny is not over the man of the stars the sun the moon  the life the earth this love is  so great its gods on good curse my lady of the world welcome to royalness of a richer then rich mans life my lady,poem.my lady,.8-2-2019 sincerely Author.j.bennette59

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