texas.don.g.nutt59,all,eyezs.on a.gee

texas.don.g.nutt59.poem all eyezs on a gee,all eyezs on me tell me what can it be so real to real ima texas gee all eyzs this way not that way this here be the man dont this perpatrators an inavaders understand alleyezs from sun up to sun down shake rock an roll the grounds we stomp around where im from here i come here i go which way did he go ooh boy thats the sound i give i have they claim my sack hang money big his eyezs her eyezs they eyezs all on me ima gee bite the mic rock it so right make it rattle rump an shake like its a big dawgg on a 9 inch footlong chain all eyezs on me  i am a gee cant you see want you see clearly see all eyezs of a texas,gee.poem,all eyezs.8-7-2019

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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