Texas Cowboy

Black hair, brown boots with a farmers tan line

It’s not hard to see there’s more than meets the eye

Friends and family is all he’ll ever need

He’s a fair, honest man who knows no greed

He aches to be alone, he aches to go rome

It’s in his blood, a need to run, the need to be home

He rides in his raptor, it feeds on desert dirt

He drives away, never knowing the hurt…


Texas cowboy, he’ll come back someday

He never did specify as he rode away

Like the great open plains, his soul wanders free

But his heart is locked away, he threw away the key

For years he wandered, heart pounding the bars

He’d lie awake at night, just staring at the stars

Loneliness gripped his heart, misunderstanding filled his brain

And suddenly in his world, it began to slowly rain


A girl walked in, he mistook her for the sun

For he didn’t know what she would become

It was on a Saturday, his skies were no longer gray

And for the first time, he realized, he wanted her to stay

He knows what he wants, but she isn’t so sure

He promises her forever, maybe he’s her cure

Should she stay? She kinda wants to stray…


He’s got too many emotions

And while he doesn't know it

His heart is already broken

The harder he clings the more it will sting

When she leaves him with nothing but a token

A token of good memories and bad dealings

The loss with inevitably leave him reeling


Texas cowboy and his demon denial

They ride hand in hand awaiting their trial

He mistook her for the sun

Never realized she was gonna run

For she wasn’t the sun but rather a fire

Untouchable, unfeeling, but to him she was dire

He needed attention, she gave it to him

Little did he know, it would be for a short time period

His need kept increasing, she couldn’t keep up

After a while, it was like she couldn’t stand against the pressure of “us”




I wrote this poem while dating a boy and I finished it after we broke up. He always wanted to live in Texas and ride a Ford Raptor. Writing about him made me realize that he wasn't all the things he wanted to be. He was so clingy and always needed attention. Eventually, there was so much weight on my shoulders that I couldn't hold "us" up anymore. I gave up. The only thing I regret is that, if the poem doesn't make it obvious, I knew I was going to break up with him in the very middle of the relationship. I regret waiting because I managed to hurt us both in the process. 

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