Testimony of Glory

Precipitation descending to the soil.

I’m loyal to the Most Royal.

Though I fault, my soul’s seasoned with salt,

Plus, pepper to deliver letters of encouragement

To those in need of nourishment.

Faith flourishes like flowers in the meadow.

Hello, to children in the ghetto.

Greetings to kids in the suburbs,

Love birds and vultures, civilians and soldiers.

I am a child of Christ.

His gift is life.

Refuse to retreat, surrounded by the fast life.

I’m striving to pass life.

It’s hard though.

Call me Santiago: pursuing my personal legend.

Instead of using lead I

Wonder if the Alchemist could transform food stamps into gold.

University teach me that and you got me sold.

Not my soul, for that and my name is all I claim and owe.

My journey’s a long road.

So I got my hustle on cause it’s a marathon to the peak.

If you’re weak you won’t reach.

Respect the lessons that the wise teach.

Am I preaching like vegans tryna convert meat eating creatures?

On the mic I’m like 2,000 Jeter’s with infinite seasons.

Thank you, Jesus, for paving the way.

I am a pupil of Your parables, I admire your miracles.

I am the newest testimony of Your glory.

Before me and after.

Reciting chapters for back up to defeat doubt.

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My community
My country
Our world
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