Testimonies of a Liar


Thoughts drag me down,
Words tear me up,
These screams are too loud,
But I can't get enough.
The pain sets in,
My tears spill out,
Will my demons win,
Or will I have no doubt?
Just take all your tales,
And save them for the choir.
They will see all their hails,
Are the testimonies of a liar. 
With a shattering cry,
Of a million believers,
Your words ring dry,
At the souls of decievers.
You won't drag me down, 
Don't excpect me to sink.
In your lies you will drown 
And I won't even blink. 
It's shadows like you,
Who push people to the ledge.
But I know what to do,
You won't play with my head.
Over the crowd of echos,
Behind your sly game,
I'll let go of this ghost,
And forget your name.
I won't surrender,
To the tip of a knife,
You're a child with temper.
But goodbye, 
I'm moving on with my life.


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