The Test

Her father sat a cold beer on the table in front of her.
She was only but a small thing,
But her father loves to test her.

The beer didn't know that the child was there,
But she knew it was there. 
She dared not to touch the forbidden drink

Why her father placed it in front of her,
She couldn't understand.
The situation was fraught.

She looked around the table at the other victims of her father's test
They were all in a state of confusion.
Did he really expect them to drink it?

She can't help but to wonder what the forbidden drink taste like.
As she watched the beer sweat,
She wonders why it's such a special drink for adults.

They say that alcoholism is hereditary;
She wonders if this is the path she is meant to lead.
She looks at the beer one last time.

She lifts her hand and thinks about having a little taste
Her father stops her.
Why give her a beer if she's not supposed to drink it?

Her father takes a long drag of a cigarette and blows smoke in her face.
He looks to the oldest two at the table:
The Brother and the Step Brother

"You see what you're doing to your sister," he says.
He sends her and her sisters to their room.
Was this a test to show them that their actions come with consequences?

Years down the road,
One brother is no longer and the other pounds down liquor like it's water
Was this test successful?

Yes, if you believe the test was to see who would become an alcoholic.
Now the three children have already tasted the sweet ambrosia
That liquor is.

The oldest drinks when depressed,
The middle drinks when she wants to have a little fun,
And the youngest is too afraid to touch alcohol

Because she knows she'll allow the forbidden drink to completely take over.


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