The Terror of Dreams

As she lays in the dark,the monsters she hides deep in her heart shift restlessly. They wait till she is sleeping and they seep into her dreams.But the monsters she hides aren’t the kind most would expect of a young girl. Her monsters aren’t from under the bed,or in the closet,and they don’t float through walls. Her monsters are from a distant past.Her monster slept in the room next to her’s,and he often drove her to school in the mornings. His pet name for her was Princess,and he violated rules that a father’s supposed to follow.Now he controls her dreams.Even though she doesn’t see him anymore. Most people would think she was dreaming of zombies,or ghosts, or demons of the night,  but in reality she curls up against the icy cold fear her father caused.She feels that icy fear even though she knows this time it was her dreams, and no longer the real thing. 

This poem is about: 
My family


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