Terror at Dawn- Endangered California Redwoods


My skin is peeled off by many

Now I have barely any.

Letting my sap bleed away

I slowly watch my life start to fray.


But now here they appear,

With the terrible monster, oh dear

Its sharp teeth like to bite,

Which leads me head on into plight.


Suddenly its teeth sink in,

And I feel the sawing within,

I try hard to flee

But my roots seem to disagree.


As my spirit’s hope unravels

I will my roots to travel. 

Then I begin to tip,

Swaying from hip to hip.


Soon my life starts to spin

Then I see his satisfied grin,

He watches me tumble,

And as Oak catches me, he grumbles.


Angrily he whips out a bigger saw

One which has never shown any flaw

Soon I will be on the ground

And hacked into a giant mound.


Then he hits my heart

After that I fall apart,

Seeing all my friends tower above me

I realize now that I am no longer part of the “we”.


I am chopped and carried away,

Wishing only just to stay,

Too soon I am losing my life,

Because of that man’s knife.


Pulled away I am,

To be sold slowly, gram by gram

But I won’t be around to see a bit

‘Cause my trunk will already be split


These men just took a life today

And carried it far, far away,

From where it always should be,

They took my life away from me. 

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