Terms and Conditions

Your body is your temple


Sweetie, to yourself you don't have to lie


All bodies are beautiful


But terms and conditions may apply.


Since I was little I observed


That to make someone feel pretty


You have to find someone else's beauty absurd


It's messed up, I know


That one of my own could think


They'll never find their Romeo


Because someone decided of they're beautiful or not after just on blink.


But after all this time I see


After all the hatred I received


After all the times I spent


Picking up who needed a reality check


After telling myself over and over again that it's okay


After trying to hide myself


After conforming after the expectations


And after accepting them as my foundations


I'm over it. I hope you see


how much of a pain society can be


It's not okay. But in my head, these morals will forever stay. 


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