Tennesee to Illinois: the Poetry of Never Giving Up

Tennesee... Sweet Tea, country land

Volunteers, country ham. Mmm salty, savory, biscuit gravy

Illinois... Land of Lincoln,  city-life, suburbs, Illini...

You see I had to make a transition, had to change my position 

Had to enter a new environment, and adapt to my surroundings 

So this is it... I'm  the new dude, in a new school, with a new crew

How was I going to react? What was I going to do?

I had to ask myself, Am I going to fit in? Am I going to try the best I can?

Am I going to give up, or am I going to stand up and be the man?

You see I'm like an animal. I had to leave my old habitat to come to my new one,

And even though I am a small animal ready to be pounced, I cannot renounce!

In today's society, the world is tough

Potholes are forming, and the road is getting tough

With all the negative pressures upon us, I think we've all had enough!

But through the midst of it all, we cannot give up!

4th quarter, your ball, 2 seconds on the clock, are you going to panic, or are you going to take the shot?

You make the shot you win, and you miss, you lose

You see life is like a roller coaster, we all have our ups and downs,

But what matters is that we don't give up, that we don't  back down

Even if we are punched in the face, If we are hit in the mouth

We must not throw in the towel!

We have to stand up, step up, and we must never give up...

Not on our hopes, not onecessarily our dreams, and not on our talents


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