Ten Toes Down

It was bliss in the start,

it was only you I gave my heart to.

You thought I was a fool,

Now I don't know what to do. 

It was you that I turned to to keep the pain away.

But now I can't seem find the words to say.

Trying to understand why I got involved with this game,

cause we both know its always me who steps up to take the blame.

Its been a game of brain power and ugly jealous fits.

Arguments of trust issues when the paranoia hits.

You said trust me baby,

this is what true love is,

rock with me till you drop with me, I promise we'll get through this.

I believed you, I endured it.

But you were lying all along and now I'm hurting.

Was it worth it, what you did to me?

I thought you were the one, but you're the enemy

More like Frienemy, that's just fronting me. 

'cause you're only into me, on some Hennesy.    


You promised me your all and made it sound like perfection.

I gave you my all, my affection, my attention.

Did I mention, all the sacrifices that I made for you?

Babe I risked it all, just to stay true. 

Now I'm ten toes down, and I'm lying on the ground.

You handed me the gun, and I didn't make a sound. 

I'm ten toes down and you're no where to be found. 

Whenever I needed you, you were never around. 


After a while all you ever did was fight it,

And I'd push and push cause I just could never hide it.

This flame that you ignited, was an illusion in my mind and,

when I thought that you were mine your mind was on some side chick.

You just want some neck and some get rich quick shit,

I should have up and left, but I was on some trill shit,

and that's some real shit, don't know what the deal is,

cause when I'm with you I know that you can feel it. 

Be real with me cause you know I'm real with you. 

Did you ever really love me, or is what you said not true.

I got letters that say you do, and now you say you're through?

Life don't work like that, good luck with your new boo. 

I was too goodfor you, I spoiled you too much,

when you became a dog, I shoulda dogged too cause,

You cheated all the time and I was down to be your wife,

Boy you made me weak, and that just ain't right!


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