Tempus Immitis

Where’s Grandaddy?

Come on darling, stay with me

Grandaddy’s dead, sweetie.

Are you sure this is okay?

From our old chains we now are free

Come on. Let me. Don’t be scared.

What about school, mom?
Come on darling, bring me love

Honey, we can’t afford to send you there anymore.

I won’t. I won’t read a single book, I won’t!

It is myself I’m thinking of.

Yes, yes, your dad was telling you the truth.

What’s the diagnosis?

Come on darling, hold my hand

You have generalized anxiety disorder.

Mom, mom, I want to die.

I don’t want to wander this weary land.

We’ve decided to take you out of school.

Do you think so?

Teach me darling, how to sing

You can go back. It’s okay.

Wait, tell me what about him?

And promises to my feet bring.

Oh yeah. He meant to tell you he’s with her now.

There’s Cassiopeia- no, that’s Draco, not the right time of year, and Ursa Major, follow the arm, point the hand, there! Polaris. Sirius. Bellatrix. Betelgeuse.

Come on darling, and my heart

I can’t see all the things you see.

What is it, Dad? What’s wrong?

For good or worse will be your part.

Ethan Jensen is dead.

I want to know if you know, and if he knew, while he was here.

Come on darling, tell me true

He wouldn’t tell me directly. He liked to tease me in this way.


And sing to me from the far-off blue.

I don’t need you to love me. I don’t need a future. I already have one.



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