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My knuckles have turned white.
Pupils expanded to un-accountable diameters,
Skin, of eyelids tightened,
Flesh heats through drowned pores,
And my bones shake, rumble, crack-
Under the abundant pressure of faith,
Don't stand still,
The bullet doesn’t miss twice,
Hold your hand down,
There are no questions to be asked,
Exercise the need for freedom,
Because the gate only opens for a second,
And that moment will die,
Dragging along the wishful thinking,
Don't flinch,
Don't think-
The sudden blur of consciousness,
Could trigger any thoughts
Embedded into the brain,
Over rattled muscles,
Too good for their own existence,
The anger suppressed,
Manipulates words,
Here comes the fight.


Crystina Bakus

The calm before the storm

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