Tell Them (About the Stars)

Tell them I could not live without the stars,

Of Leo gamboling at close of day.

How I’d mourn seeing only Moon and Mars

And city lights drowning the Milky Way.


Lost sailors of old worshipped Polaris

To deliver them through volatile Sea.

Galileo used stars to locate us

Amid the universe and galaxy.


In my youth, they served as my shining knights,

Warding off ghouls and lingering nightmares.

They told me to take no heed of my frights

And bore the burden of my childish cares.


Now, when I’m captive of artistic drought,

Having lost what used to spark like levin,

Celestial light always draws me back out,

Collapsed nebula inspires me within.


When I someday lie in Reaper’s bed, weak,

My children holding my hand in despair,

Have them carry me to the highest peak

Where there are no more clouds and urban glare


Reunite my eyes with my most loved muse.

Let my thoughts caress the dark, jeweled sky.

Then, I shall have only body to lose

Though my spirit shall never say good-bye.


Tell them I could not live without the stars.



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