Tell Me Why America

Wed, 04/05/2017 - 12:20 -- Felisha

Tell Me Why America


You brag about our fight for justice

But where's the justice in poverty and unemployment?

You brag about freedom of speech

But that only gives people the freedom to hurt


If you’re really so great then tell my why,

Why are your people filled with gluttony and greed?

Why are your people filled with sadness and sorrow?

Why are your people lonely and depressed?


Why aren’t you taking steps to improve our education?

Why aren’t you focusing on our mental health and well being?

Why aren’t you trying to eradicate our poverty?

And why are you sending us to die in useless wars?


Why don’t you show us love?

Why don’t you take care of us?

Why don’t you fill us with hope, instead of with hate?


Why America, Why?


If you're really so great then tell me why,

Tell me why all your teens are depressed and suicidal

Tell me why your adults are so hateful and judgmental

Tell me why there is no love in your midst


You boast about how diverse you are,

But you’re only diverse in your hate.

“We treat everyone equally” I suppose that is true

We hate on everyone equally


We boast about acceptance, but tolerance is the correct word

We don't accept African Americans, we tolerate them

We don't accept Native Americans, we tolerate them

We don't accept the LGBTQ community, we tolerate them


Except for when we lynch the “Blacks”,

When we push the “Indians” from their land

When we commit hate crimes against our people,

Just because their love isn’t directed where it “should” be


We accept everyone, except for when we don't


This poem is about: 
My country


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