Tell Me Why?


Tell me why I can't go to that party I was invited to last night. How come I can't wear my favorite blouse because your son can't keep his hands to himself? I can't go to the party unless I change. Am I covered up enough? Do I still look good? I look in the mirror, but I turn away quickly because I know the answer is no. Why did I have to tell my cousin he couldn't paint his nails blue as I held back my tears when he asked why I get to. Why does my cousin get put in soccer when he wants to play dress up? I try to explain that this isn't fair, but you don't listen. You tell me to keep quiet because my way of thinking is inconvenient. I'm sorry I am too out there and I forget you didn't raise me this way. I still don't know where it came from, I'm sorry. I'm sorry, please take me back. Maybe it started five years ago. Why did I lose my friend because her grandpa was abusing her? I didn't do anything wrong. Was if four years ago when I told my friend I liked her and the school put me in "special classes"? It was okay though because I was told there would be more people like me. I'm only sixteen and I've to counseling so much I can't count the times I've been on one hand. Tell me why you still think I'm crazy. John cried like a baby, but you still call Hillary emotional. Why do you take my role models away? Deconstructing them little by little until they cease to exist, one by one, "she got herself into it." "She wanted it to happen." Last night I wore my favorite blouse. My grandma said, "Don’t get raped." Quick! Someone give her a drug test, she's obviously on something. Girl, stop talking nonsense! Don't do that. Always being told to stay quiet gets annoying after a while. Why was I told not to speak unless directly spoken to? Last time I checked this is a free country. They forgot to mention the fine print: YOU MUST CONTAIN Y CHROMOSOME. Tell me why my gender matters in order to get that job, that scholarship or use the bathroom. You are a magnificent creation from Earth and it doesn't matter what's between your legs. Because you are wonderful. You are going places, so I was told. "You have a lot of potential, for a girl." No. I have potential because I am me. And it shouldn't matter if I am a girl or a boy. Disagree if you want, but please for the love of God tell me why I'm still wrong. 


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